R.I.P., brother (x-posted)

I'll try to kick off this community properly.

I became a Pantera fan in '93 and spent the next 7 years listening to 'em non-stop, collecting all manner of Pantera memorabilia (at one point I had all 4 of their '80s glam metal albums on CD and vinyl) and meeting Pantera fans from all over the world via Metal Edge's Metalhead Directory (I think that's what it was called).

I also saw Pantera in concert 3 times and, thanks to someone I used to know who worked for Pantera's management company, had the privilege of meeting Dime, Vinnie and Rex after one of their shows in February of '97. All 3 of 'em were totally cool. However, I actually got to talk to Dime a bit (about the '80s albums, no less!) and he was just the coolest.

I'll never forget meeting him and I'll never forget him.

Some guys I was with took my picture with Dime, Rex and Vinnie that night. I'll have my wife scan the one of Dime and me and post it soon.