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MY story about Dimebag....

IT was March 18th, 2001, here in Indianapolis...and Pantera were playing at the Pepsi Coliseum at the state fairgrounds...I had backstage passes, so me and my girlfriend at the time ran bnackstage to catch the bands...first came soulfly..then Pantera...Phil, Rex, Vinnie, but no Dime, asdissapointed as I was..the next thing that happened put all my doubts away...As we were on our way out I heard "Hey, where yah goin brother?" and Lo and behold it was Dime...We started talking about our favorite guitar players..and hew signed my girlfriends poster and called her babydoll...and he asked us to join him in a shot to Randy Rhoads, so it happened, and Dime threw his little plastic shot glass on the ground...he then preoceded to pick it up and say "Shit this could be a cool autograph" he signed it and gave the glass to me...RIght now its in a plastic baggy hanging on the wall with my Dimebag Shrine...We then shot the shit for a few hours andevery tiem I saw him after that he referred to me as "The Jeff Man"...he remembered my name and after I found out about his death...I cried and was down...I stil am
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