COBHC (funeral_bell) wrote in tribute2dimebag,

My story about Darrell

I had the privilege to see Damageplan on November 6, 2004.At that show, I was THE first person at the venue.Got there before any of the buses did.

When i got in, Jeff, Mayhem (who also was murdered), saw my colors and told me to hold them up as soon as Dime came on stage.So i did.Dime came over, said, "rock on brutha" slapped his BLS tattoo, then broke into Breathing New Life.At the end of the song, leaned over and gave me a shot.

Mayhem throughout the show, told me to stick around and stuff, as he'll hook me up with stuff.He told me Dime appreciated me getting there sooo early and that he loved the colors.

So after Damageplan, Mayhem gave me one of the setlists.Dime also gave me a pick.After that, I ran out of the venue, thinking, 'forget shadows fall...'

So I got out of the venue, went by the buses and sure enough, Mayhem, Vinnie and Bob greeted me.At that point, Dime and Pat were still backstage, getting food and about to watch Shadows Fall.So they invited me back and we watched about 1/2-2/3 of the show.

Then Vinnie and Bob decided they'd head off to the strip club.I decided to go with them, as they invited me.At that point, Best dude (the Kat, shot but not killed), and Mayhem gave me a poster and sticker.I got Vinnie and Bob's.And as we were about to leave, Pat and Dime came out.But were going into the bus for a little while then to catch up with us.Dime talked to me for a little.He gave me the name of the tattoo artist of the BLS tattoo.Adam something...I really wish i remembered it.:(

But Pat hopped onto the bus before I could get his sig.Best Dude saw that and went into the bus and got it for me.So I followed Vinnie and Bob in my truck to the club.I arrived a few minutes later than them, and the bouncer saw my vest and said, "you with Vinnie?He's other there." and points me and continues to escort me to where they were.

Later, about 20-30 minutes, Dime and Pat arrive.At that point, I had some food with Vinnie and some DEEP DEEP conversations with him.Stuff about touring, home, family, meeting people, the next album, tons.Once Dime and Pat arrived, it started to get heavier.I ended up having a shot on Dime.That was super cool.

At one point, the waitress asked Dime, "is this guy in your band too?" talking about me, since we both had BLS vests on.And they all said, "he's our drinking brother..."

I guess the way I should end this that within 10 hours, this band of brothers took me under their wing.They treated me like family.Mayhem and Best Dude made certain that I was 110% happy and pleased with what I was a part of.Never at one moment did I feel like just another fan or an outsider.They made me part of the group.Never in my life have I felt so welcomed and loved by anyone.I will greatly miss Diamond Dimebag Darrell Lance Abbott and Jeff Mayhem Thompson.My memories with yall will forever be in my heart.I love you.
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